Thursday, December 16, 2010

Review/Swatch Rouge Bunny Rouge Dazzling Sip Lip Balm

Another Rouge Bunny Rouge review for you guys! Today it is the RBR Dazzling Sip shimmering lip balm. Per the RBR website:
"It's a soothing yet scintillating mélange of exuberance and healing which quenches your lips with richness while glinting them with a light veil of precious pearls. This sumptuously luxuriant balm melts creamily, dispelling cold and fatigue, making your lips as soft to the touch as unopened buds, while also polishing them with a dewy gleam. Your shining smile will sweep everyone around you into the heart of the Water Faeries’ abode, where you can swim unabashed in your own bubble of contentment!"

I have this balm in the color Pinch of Nude. As you can see, Dazzling Sip is packaged in the same tubing as the lipsticks, unlike the other lip balm RBR offers. So far I am extremely pleased with this as well (no surprise lol, everything RBR creates I end up loving!) What I like about it so much is that it adds such a nice peachy-nude subtle shimmer to the lips while moisturizing, which it does so very well might I add. The formulation includes ingredients like rice bran oil and vitamin E to soothe and protect the lips. When wearing this my lips stay moisturized for two hours; while not the most moisturizing balm I've ever used, it is good for daily wear. I prefer a lighter balm during the day and a richer one at bed time.

Below I've included a lip swatch. I love the effect it gives my lips! They looks smooth and soft and the soft shimmer makes them look luscious!

The balm has no noticeable taste in my opinion but definitely has a lovely vanilla scent.

Have a great day!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Review/Swatches Rouge Bunny Rouge When Birds Are Singing... Eye Shadow

Per the Rouge Bunny Rouge website:

"Discover a new powder eye shadow with an astonishing lightweight, creamy touch and unprecedented adherence. This formula creates pure dynamic iridescence while it maintains second skin effect. It has extended 8-hour wear that will stay perfect and look freshly applied all day. Orange-derived Flavonoid improves blood microcirculation, enhances luminosity and serves as free radicals scavenger."

Such attention to detail! Look at the gorgeous RBR signet on the shadows
L to R, T to B: Unforgettable Oriole, Periwinkle Cardinal, Abyssinian Catbird
Solstice Halcyon, Fire-Tailed Sunbird, Volcano Fairy-Wren

These eye shadows are really some of the creme de la creme of what RBR offers. They are smooth, pigmented, and glide on the lid like nobody's business! The colors are true to pan and contain the most magnificent luminosity (unless, of course, you purchase one of the matte shades). These really are some of the best eye shadows you can purchase, in my opinion. They may seem expensive, and at almost 35 dollars a pop they are, but they are twice the size of a MAC eyeshadow and the quality is unsurpassed. I purchased six eyeshadows, and I plan to purchase many more in the future once my bank account allows it lol. 

Swatched left to right: Unforgettable Oriole, Periwinkle Cardinal, Abyssinian Catbird, Solstice Halcyon, Fire-Tailed Sunbird, Volcano Fairy-Wren

Just the names themselves are enchanting! Here are my thoughts on each:

Unforgettable Oriole: A perfect golden toned highlight shade! The shimmer is not over the top, just enough to give a glow to the browbone and tear duct!

Periwinkle Cardinal: A gorgeous ocean teal green, applies very nicely for a paler shade. This would be gorgeous with Volcano Fairy-Wren as a smoky eye!

Abyssinian Catbird: Probably the most well-known RBR shadow, and for good reason! A great green, bronze, gold shadow, all rolled into one! The dimension and pigmentation in this one is crazy! So smooth and buttery, not to mention it makes blue/green eyes look FAB!

Solstice Halcyon: A gorgeous taupey-purple shade. More matte than the other shadows I purchased, but still a hint of shimmer. This is a perfect crease color! It blends fabulously and really fades out darker colors well.

Fire-Tailed Sunbird: A great shimmery peachy-coral shade! Really unique and would be pretty for a bronzey-summery look. This would look especially pretty on warm toned skins. 

Volcano Fairy-Wren: A really great black shot through with silver micro-shimmer! This is gorgeous and perfect for a smokey eye! I am definitely gonna do a look with this blended out with Periwinkle Cardinal and using Vera eye khol to smudge- It's gonna be fabulous! I highly suggest this just because it's so hard to find such a dark, pigmented black that's as blendable as this one.

All these shadows are gorgeous, you really can't go wrong. The do last all day without creasing and the color definitely comes out and stays true to pan. Expensive, but will make you feel like pure luxury every time you apply them!

These items can be purchased at

Review/Swatches Rouge Bunny Rouge Feline Gaze Eye Khol

Per the Rouge Bunny Rouge website:

"A darkly elegant seductive feline? A mystical flower-of-the-hour doe-eyed beauty? A deliciously sinful sultry almond-eyed goddess? Be pure temptation itself, as you purringly write your own manifesto with this eye pencil that adorns you. So soft that it almost melts on application, but will stay put day or night, inviting closer inspection... dancing in the memory of those who met you long after you've left the room and inviting all manner of thoughts."

I picked up two of these colors, Calypso and Vera. Calypso is a dark khaki green with brown tones and some nice khaki/golden shimmer. The shimmer in these eyeliners, by the way, is gorgeous! It's not glittery, just shiny in the most beautiful way. It really lights up the eye! I absolutely love Calypso! It is perfect for blue eyes- really makes them pop! When applied, it is extremely subtle, but it definitely makes a difference to the overall look. 

Vera is a dark black with medium blue tones and a blue shimmer. This would be amazing for a dark blue smokey eye (my favorite!). I love it because it is very dark while still remaining blue- it will not be mistaken for every other black/blue eyeliner in your collection. There is something unique about it that I can't quite put my finger on.

The caps tell you what color it is! What a nice touch!

Very smooth, very pigmented, and very gorgeous! Calypso on top, Vera on bottom

These liners apply very smoothly and do seem to last all day. They are smudgeable but once in play they stay locked on. They apparently contain Vitamin E among other nourishing ingredients to protect the delicate eyelid/rim.

All of these items are available on

Review of Rouge Bunny Rouge Kiss Elixir Lip Balm

Per the Rouge Bunny Rouge website:

"This soothingly rich, Honey-infused and almost edible elixir tingles with a hint of Mint as it glides on, smooth and creamy as butter, to give your lips a subtle shine. The most sensuous of balms, it’ll melt into your lips in a seriously delicious way to keep you beautifully protected and bewitchingly comfortable. Go ahead and invite nuzzling, even in your dreams. We know you’ll love bringing your own kiss bliss alive."

This balm is pure luxury! It is thick, it is heavy, but boy does it moisturize like no other balm I have found. This balm is made for harsh North Eastern winters! It contains no water, so it will not dry out the lips- it does though have various butters and oils to leave my pout perfectly supple and smooth. I love to apply this before bed; it lasts through the night and I wake up to awesomely kissable lips. It smells delicious too! I highly recommend this balm to anyone who suffers from dry lips, it is simply a requisite for winter lip care.

Kiss elixir on bottom; Dazzling Sip Lip Balm on top

All of these products are available from

Review/Swatch Rouge Bunny Rouge As if it Were Summer Still... Bronzing Powder

Per the Rouge Bunny Rouge website:

"We’ve been inspired to re-create this feather-light and creamy goddess-powder so you can let the sun worship you all year round.  Smooth your skin to a natural, even and radiant blissed-out halo of warmth, while the tiny micro-particles dance around you in an enveloping golden aura. This powder is wickedly luxurious and deeply sexy. You’ll want to let yourself sink into it – to be warmed by the hazy molten gold of late afternoon sun streaming through the window. Let your thoughts drift as you shoot your own sunbeams anywhere you choose - a touch on the eyelids, a dab on the tip of the nose, cheeks, shoulders… Dazzling looks by day or by night to transform you into a Sun Angel, even in the midst of the greyest winter."

Another gorgeous product description! Let me just tell you, this bronzer is pure fabulousity. I have it in the shade "At Goldcombe Bay", a lovely golden-toned bronzer that applies to the skin so smoothly and leaves behind the barest whisper of a shimmer. Not even shimmer, just a satin smooth finish. This is akin to NARS Laguna, if Laguna were ten times better! I love this powder to contour under my cheekbones and on my temples; it never looks fake or orange! I really would recommend this bronzer to anyone, and they other shade they offer, "At Neatherway Cove", supposedly works on the fairest of the fair. Check 'em out! 

 Swatched heavily, then blended in.

All RBR products are available from, a lovely online retailer.

Review/Swatches Rouge Bunny Rouge Loves Lights Highlighting Powder

Per the Rouge Bunny Rouge website:

 "We interpreted the sublimely haunting beauty of this powder and released it here for you. Feather-light and creamy, to softly stroke your skin with pearly velvet light from dusk till dawn. A natural, even and radiant look is yours, while the tiny dazzling micro-particles add teasingly shimmering twinkles. Let the firelight in, to accentuate cheeks, arms, legs... anywhere you dare to bare. With such a bewitching halo about you, those who lay their head upon your warm lap may not want it back.

How romantic! This powder does not disappoint in my humble opinion. It is not for a dramatic highlighting effect, such as you would receive with a few layers of the liquid highlighter (Seas of Illumination), but it does definitely give a "glow" to the skin. It's extremely silky and lightweight, and feels like buttah when swatched. The color I picked was Sweet to Touch, a pink based powder with small golden micro-shimmers. Very beautiful and definitely a luxurious product to use! You could definitely use this all over the face if you desired a glowing, healthy finish. 

Gorgeous packaging!

Very subtle- you can just about make out the hint of golden/pink glow in the center of my forearm. On the face though, it's lovely!