Thursday, December 16, 2010

Review/Swatch Rouge Bunny Rouge Dazzling Sip Lip Balm

Another Rouge Bunny Rouge review for you guys! Today it is the RBR Dazzling Sip shimmering lip balm. Per the RBR website:
"It's a soothing yet scintillating mélange of exuberance and healing which quenches your lips with richness while glinting them with a light veil of precious pearls. This sumptuously luxuriant balm melts creamily, dispelling cold and fatigue, making your lips as soft to the touch as unopened buds, while also polishing them with a dewy gleam. Your shining smile will sweep everyone around you into the heart of the Water Faeries’ abode, where you can swim unabashed in your own bubble of contentment!"

I have this balm in the color Pinch of Nude. As you can see, Dazzling Sip is packaged in the same tubing as the lipsticks, unlike the other lip balm RBR offers. So far I am extremely pleased with this as well (no surprise lol, everything RBR creates I end up loving!) What I like about it so much is that it adds such a nice peachy-nude subtle shimmer to the lips while moisturizing, which it does so very well might I add. The formulation includes ingredients like rice bran oil and vitamin E to soothe and protect the lips. When wearing this my lips stay moisturized for two hours; while not the most moisturizing balm I've ever used, it is good for daily wear. I prefer a lighter balm during the day and a richer one at bed time.

Below I've included a lip swatch. I love the effect it gives my lips! They looks smooth and soft and the soft shimmer makes them look luscious!

The balm has no noticeable taste in my opinion but definitely has a lovely vanilla scent.

Have a great day!

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