Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Review of Rouge Bunny Rouge Kiss Elixir Lip Balm

Per the Rouge Bunny Rouge website:

"This soothingly rich, Honey-infused and almost edible elixir tingles with a hint of Mint as it glides on, smooth and creamy as butter, to give your lips a subtle shine. The most sensuous of balms, it’ll melt into your lips in a seriously delicious way to keep you beautifully protected and bewitchingly comfortable. Go ahead and invite nuzzling, even in your dreams. We know you’ll love bringing your own kiss bliss alive."

This balm is pure luxury! It is thick, it is heavy, but boy does it moisturize like no other balm I have found. This balm is made for harsh North Eastern winters! It contains no water, so it will not dry out the lips- it does though have various butters and oils to leave my pout perfectly supple and smooth. I love to apply this before bed; it lasts through the night and I wake up to awesomely kissable lips. It smells delicious too! I highly recommend this balm to anyone who suffers from dry lips, it is simply a requisite for winter lip care.

Kiss elixir on bottom; Dazzling Sip Lip Balm on top

All of these products are available from zuneta.com

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  1. I am hearing lots of good stuuf about Rouge Bunny Rouge, will defo have to give them a try

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