Saturday, November 24, 2012

By Terry Or de Rose Blush Prestige

Good morning all!

When I first caught wind that By Terry's winter 2012 collection would be created off of the beauty of rose gold my breath literally stopped. I am obsessed with all things rose gold. Some may say it looks tacky and/or cheap but I find it lacks the brassiness of regular gold nor the cold austerity of silver- it seems to truly illuminate the skin of anyone who wears it. What could be more appropriate in the dead of winter than products that contain real flecks of this gorgeous metal?! 

The collection (Fascination Or Rose, Christmas 2012) contains four products, two of which I purchased. 

- Or de Rose Blush Prestige (check)
- Or de Rose Baume Precieux (check)
- Or de Rose Huile Absolue (wishlist)
- Crayon Kohl Terrybly in Opaline Flash (wishlist)

Today we will focus on the Blush Prestige.

Look at that gold leaf!
Per the ByTerry website:

With generating 24-carat Pink Gold and nutri-rejuvenating Natural Roses Extracts, this precious "multi-touch" all-over fluid blush diffuses its luminous halo on the face reshaping and adorning the skin with a healthy "rosy sun" glow.
Its intensive, regenerating and youthful-lift formula, melt-away "stretch-powered" texture and rare multi-reflective prisms, reveal a smooth and radiant complexion for ultra-chic effect and absolute seduction.v


This blush illuminates the skin in the most beautiful way- it flawlessly does double duty as blush and highlighter, making it the perfect product for when I'm in a rush (i.e. most days). I have used this every single day without fail for the past two weeks and I couldn't be happier with its performance. The gel texture melts into the skin and blends effortlessly, it lasts twelve hours or more without fading, it never looks greasy, and it gives my light skin tone the perfect amount of a summer glow as the days grow shorter and the wind starts to chill. The color can be described as a rose gold, obviously, but also has a hint of apricot bronze that allows it to work in synergy with any other bronzer on the skin. Swatches below, both on the cheek and on the hand, showcase its gorgeous transparent texture and ethereal glow.

The only con is the price. $79.00. No, unfortunately that is not a typo. This is an insanely indulgent and luxurious product, but I do not regret the purchase at all- I can see myself using this until the very end of the bottle. 

Blush Prestige on the cheeks

Highly blendable gel texture 

ByTerry can be purchased at or I highly recommend either of these sites.

*All products were purchased with my own money for purposes of review. 


  1. that blush is perfect on you. ugh life isn't fair that everything looks better on you *runs away crying*